Accidental Circus Cake?

Happy Monday everyone!  While it is my intention to post to this blog every other day, I was uploading photos from my family’s visit over Christmas last night and I couldn’t resist sharing with you these pictures of the cake my sister and I made for my daughter Ada’s first birthday a couple weeks ago.  Consider this a bonus post!


We started cutting and stacking cakes….

We started out with all these crazy complicated ideas for our cake and ended up (accidentally) with a cake that kind’ve looks like it has a bit of a circus theme going on.  Which is okay, really:  as Ada steps boldly into the world of furniture walking and pointing frantically at everything, wiggling her little body around and yelling “Ooooooh!  Waas daaaat?,”  things are getting a little circus-y in our house lately.


Then came some carelessly applied buttercream to stick the fondant to.

Have you ever made or worked with fondant?  Stay tuned – I will add a recipe later on this week.  Till then, enjoy the photos of the creation of Ada’s accidental circus cake.

The finished product

The finished product