Quick and Easy Homemade Tortillas

In my quest to make more of our food from scratch and avoid processed foods, I’ve been delighted to find that a lot of the things that I would have considered to be more convenient to buy at the store are actually really (really!) easy to make at home.  These tortillas are one of those recipes.  They are seriously so simple and quick to make (they can be made while the taco meat is cooking, for example) that they’ve become a weeknight staple meal for us.

Homemade tortillas

Have I convinced you to give it a try?  Trust me, there is nothing better than spicy taco meat and cool salsa served on a piping hot, pillowy soft homemade tortilla.  You will never want to eat another grocery store “wrap” again.  I like to use the leftovers for lunches through the week…they’re great spread with hummus and rolled up with roasted red pepper and goat cheese.

Here’s what you need:

3 cups all purpose flour (I’ve used whole wheat and white – both work but the whole wheat makes, as expected, a slightly tougher tortilla)

1/3 cup olive oil

1 cup warm water

1 tsp. salt

Here’s what you do:

Combine all the ingredients together and stir until a dough begins to form.  Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured counter and knead until it is smooth.


Umm….smoother than this.

Heat a frying pan on medium to high heat.  Pinch off small pieces of dough (maybe 2″) and roll out into a circle shape.



Place the dough circle in the frying pan and heat.  The dough might puff up a little.  After 2-3 minutes on one side, flip the tortilla over and heat on the other side.

See the puffing?

See the puffing?

You should get the brown speckles that you see on other tortillas – that’s how you know they’re done.  Repeat until all the tortillas are made!



Recipe courtesy of www.grumpyshoneybunch.com

7 comments on “Quick and Easy Homemade Tortillas

  1. I would be curious to see how these turn out with Corn flower or a wheat alternate like spelt or Kamut..I will have to give it a whirl. 🙂 Eva

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  3. These were super quick and easy…and no need to buy a tortilla press! I used 1/2 spelt flour and 1/2 un leached white flour and they were tender and delicious. Will have two frying pans on the go next time to speed up the cooking…although my 100 year old cast iron frying pan cooks them in just over a minute each sided. Thanks! Great recipe!

    • Awesome to hear! That’s a good idea – combining flours. We often use whole wheat for this recipe and I find that unless you really work the dough and roll them out thin, they’re tougher than they are with while flour. I will have to try a flour combo next time!

      Glad you enjoyed them!

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