Pulled Pork Nachos with Goat Cheddar and Apple Salsa

So, I had this idea for “gourmet nachos.”  (Is anybody doing that yet, or are we still on burgers?).  After much deliberation, I decided upon this recipe for pulled pork nachos with goat cheddar and apple salsa.  It’s a twist on some classic favourites and turned out AMAZINGLY.


You really have to try these.  Seeing as I’m sure you’re already making my Crockpot pulled pork recipe on the weekends and eating it for lunches and snacks and dinners and brunches throughout the week, these nachos aren’t too much of a stretch.  We actually ate them for breakfast (once again, a day in the life of a food blogger trying to make the most of natural daylight in her photography) – they’d be a totally unique brunch item or something great to serve at a party.  The apple salsa makes a great contrast to the salty, savoury flavour of the pork and the chips.  It was the perfect combination, in my mind.


Here’s what you do:

So, you have the recipe for the pulled pork.  Now, lay some tortilla chips down on a baking sheet and drop as much pulled pork as you want on top of them.  You could top with some thinly sliced red onions or something too – we just opted for a layer of goat cheddar.  Pop ’em in the oven at 350F until the cheese is brown and melty.

For the apple salsa:

Skin and cube 2-3 apples (depending on how many people you’re serving).  Toss with the juice of half a lemon, about 1/2 tsp. of cinnamon and a dash of chili powder.  I actually warmed my salsa in the microwave for about a minute so that the apples would get a little soft and more sauce-y, but you could do a crisp, cold version as well – up to you.  Try both ways and let me know what your favourite is!


Recipe is a Jessie original!

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  1. The thing I love most about this recipe is that you ate it for breakfast! I think that should almost be a prerequisite to making it!

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