Food Photography Course…the creation of gawk-worthy pics

So I took this incredible food photography course with my pals Kelly and Brianna, taught by the incredibly talented Beth Dunham.  

I enjoy the heck out of taking pictures of the food I make for you all to drool over, and this course really helped me to take my photos to the next level.  So, ever since, I’ve been acquiring some extra gear (a new lens and a tripod), painting backdrops, and creating a little photography space in my basement.  

It’s been fabulous.

I got to take photos like this:

Food Photography |


and this….you know, just to see if the strawberries looked better than the raspberries…

Food Photography |


…and then we learned how to tell a story with our food photographs, and we decided to pretend we were in Italy….

Food Photography |

and I messed around with my new lens a little…

Food Photography |


It was so fun, and I learned so much, and I fell in love with my 50mm lens.  What was I doing without one up till now?

I’m not sure.

At any rate, all is right with the world, and I am having so. much. fun. with my face stuck behind my camera.


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    • Thank-you! No, I actually don’t! All my food bloggy nerd friends are telling me I have to start doing some post-processing but my old computer won’t support the software I want. So, until then, I shall wait, and pray for natural light, whites that look white, and forks that don’t reflect my camera-hidden face.

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