Wedding Cake Success

I just KNOW you’ve all been dying to know…

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I am back from my vacation/sister’s wedding and am happy to report that the wedding cake was a huge success!!

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As you can see from the pictures, I had a complete last-minute panic and decided to make two cakes because I couldn’t believe the 800 cake serving-size charts that I Googled which told me that a 3-tier 8″ cake would serve all of the guests at the wedding.  I figured, better too much cake than too little.  This decision equated to a marathon 6 hour baking session in my folks’ kitchen the day before the wedding.

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I also ended up making it a chai cake with banana buttercream instead of an amaretto cake.  My last minute logistically sensible decision made a perfect combination of warm, spicy flavours that married perfectly with each other (pun completely intended.  If that’s a pun.  Maybe that’s not a pun.  A play on words?).

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I assembled these two creations with merely an hour to spare before the ceremony, huddled over a countertop in a massive wedding-accessory storage barn at the venue in my yellow chiffon and red lipstick, sweat dripping down my back and fingers shaking from: a) the fact that I was totally panicked by my deadline and coming to terms with just how heavy and awkward the large cake ended up being and b) the fact that said storage barn was starting to look like the set of an imaginary Dexter episode where he hides in a huge shed awaiting the arrival and subsequent offing of an evil-doing wedding planner, the tablecloths and fake flowers and centrepieces all covered meticulously with plastic.

But for these two?  Anything.

Wedding Cake |

For more information about how I made these cakes, check out my Wedding Cake Prototype post.  Stay tuned for upcoming posts about what I served at the bachelorette party too!

10 comments on “Wedding Cake Success

  1. We have hens and chicks in our garden!

    Also, I would like to eat that cake in my garden. Actually, both cakes. What an elegant presentation. Sophisticated, understated – all wedding cakes should be so lucky.

    • Me too! (Hens and Chicks, that is….)

      Thanks for the compliment! Especially lovely coming from a real live baker who does this stuff right proper like.

    • Thanks Lan! I definitely had to keep them simple to avoid having a panic-related aneurysm pre-wedding. It worked!

    • Wheee! Thanks!

      I was super-de-duper inspired by YOUR wedding cakes! Thanks for the inspiration!

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