Tomato Trifle

It’s harvest season, and as I jar salsa, grill triple decker sandwiches, freeze quiches, and gorge on chocolate zucchini cake, my mind is clearly only capable of thinking one thought:  “what will I do with ______ from the garden?”

Tomato Trifle | www.purplehousecafe.comI thought of doing a savory trifle with fresh tomatoes, basil and homemade biscuits, and couldn’t really let the idea rest.  So here you have it:  I diced some tomatoes and whipped up some chevre until it was nice and soft.  I whizzed up some pesto in the blender, following this basic recipe.  By the time I was finished doing that, I was pulling fresh, hot biscuits out of the oven.  Make these ones, but without the cheese.  Or, actually, with the cheese.  That would be fantastic.

Tomato Trifle |

This was just a simple lunch for my hubby and I while the little one had her nap, so rather than using a large trifle bowl, I layered crumbled biscuits, dobbed pesto and goat cheese, and piled lightly salted tomatoes into wine glasses.  They turned out to be a really fun and unique way to eat fresh garden tomatoes and basil.

And pretty too!

Tomato Trifle | www.purplehousecafe.comEnjoy!

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