Eggnog Macarons

Eggnog Macarons |

I don’t know about you, but I’m never quite ready to give up eggnog at the end of the Christmas season.  Well, I suppose Boxing Day isn’t exactly the end of the Christmas season, and you might very well need a good swig of nog to help you power through all the boxing day sales. 

These eggnog macarons are the answer to all your post-holiday eggnog prayers.   They would make the perfect meal-finisher, should you perchance be hosting a post-Christmas dinner at your house and are looking for a dessert that’s not fruitcake or pecan pie.

There’s a possibility, as well, that you’re in the process of formulating a food bucket list for 2014 and you haven’t managed to cross macarons off your 2013 list yet.  Now’s the time, my friends.

Last week, when I did my once (and sometimes more than once)-weekly browse through Smitten Kitchen, to whose recipes and writing I have become impossibly addicted, I just knew I had to do a riff on her eggnog florentines.  So I grabbed the eggnog frosting recipe from those and partnered it with my macaron recipe (this link is for chocolate mint macarons, so instead of adding 3 tablespoons of cocoa you add 3 more tablespoons of icing sugar, and also add the contents of half a scraped vanilla bean to the batter).  These little cookies have a nice crackle to the exterior as you bite through to the the chewy inside, and you don’t realize that you’ve consumed just an ever so little bit of rum in the icing until afterwards, when it lingers on your palate.  Enjoy!

Eggnog Macarons |