Local Connections

If you missed me singing it from the treetops a few months ago, you might not know that I’m a regular food writer at a great (free!) local magazine called Local Connections Halifax.

I have been reading the magazine since it started, and love the easy-to-read style, beautiful, engaging photography, and the insiders look at what’s happening here in my city.  I pride myself on knowing exactly when every new restaurant in town opens – a vestige of the days I could then swiftly make my way over there and be one of the first to try it (days which are now over, or at least complicated by the need to find a babysitter…).  LCH helps me keep tabs on the local food scene as well as up-and-coming businesses, products and community ventures.

All this to say:  check out my latest article on the online edition, just released – page 30.  I visited a local catering company and interviewed the chef and ate some wicked carpaccio. 

What happens when your toddler helps you research an article....

What happens when your toddler helps you research an article….

And, because I know you’re awesome and you know how much social media follows mean to small ventures trying to market themselves to advertisers and other funders, head over to the Local Connections Halifax page and “like” it.  Even if you’re not local, the magazine is a great read.