My other projects….

I wanted to take the opportunity to share a few of my other little projects with you.

I’m not all measuring cups and sharp knives, you know!

Cowl |

I take comfort not only in melted chocolate or perfectly smooshy roasted garlic.

I love the sound of bamboo knitting needles clicking and sliding against one another, lulling me into a state of focused meditation.

Cowl |

I do my best thinking with a ball of soft, handspun artisan wool and a cushion of silence around me.  Sometimes, I even put a blank piece of paper and a pen in front of me to take notes as I let my brain wander.

I used to knit while I studied for my neuroscience exams in university.  I would memorize a page of my notes while knitting, put the knitting down and cough all the information back up again, scribbling on a blank page, and repeat, until I knew every structure along every segment of the spinal cord, or every neurohormone and what organs they were secreted to.  Just…let’s not talk about how all that led me down the path of being a food blogger-doula-scuba instructor-writer.  K?

Cowl |

This is my winter-time happy place.  And thankfully, now, I can spin out some relatively wear-able items, rather than the twelve foot-long scarves I pumped out during Christmas exam period so many years ago.