Local Products I LOVE!

I am feeling the need to share with you some really effing superb local products that I’ve been digging lately.  For those of my readers who are local:  congratulations, you live in a small city where you can cross the road downtown without looking both ways, but still have all the foodiness of a large metropolitan centre.  For those of you who aren’t:  you might want to look into getting some of this stuff shipped.  It would be worth it.

Exhibit A:  Anchored Coffee.  My absolute favourite local cafe, Two if By Sea, recently expanded to include a coffee roaster.  After having purchased a somewhat disappointing and rinky-dink espresso machine right before the holidays, I was starting to get a little bummed about my ability to produce a decent latte in the comfort of my own home.  Then I bought these beans, and my hope in my barista skills was renewed once more.  I look forward to my morning latte and overnight oats with a fervour that is somewhat disproportionate, given that I’m not as excited about waking up to other things that I should be quite grateful for, like my toddler jumping on my chest.  Then again, nothing makes coffee taste as good as having a toddler…

Anchored Coffee | www.purplehousecafe.com

Next up:  these kale chips, made by the same great little company where Ada and I get our raspberry macaroons each week.  I know, it almost seems a little funny just writing that.  Kale chips are not exactly the kind of thing I thought I could get excited about.  But these are another story:  spicy, cheesy-tasting, and satisfyingly crunchy, they make me want to climb up on my smug, self-satisfied health food high horse and chuckle at everyone else still gorging on Doritos.  Non-sacrificial healthiness, thy name is kale chip.

Fruition Kale Chips | www.purplehousecafe.com

And last but certainly not least, the product which has been a staple in my life for the longest:  my beloved Made With Local bars.  Not unlike my cell phone and my daughter’s soother, I have one of these bars on my person at all times.  Should hunger strike, there’s nothing like being able to reach into your purse not for some lint-shrouded, slightly withered apple, but for a chewy, filling, healthy, granola bar made with (pronounceable) local ingredients (their motto:  no weird stuff).  

Made With Local | www.purplehousecafe.com

That’s all for now!  Stay tuned, though:  there are more than enough local products I love to make this a regular feature.  I might have to do just that…

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    • They are delish! I hope you feel better soon. Your bake my cake contest has me thinking of a lot of really inappropriately shaped cakes. It’s disgusting, really. Frightening, actually.

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