Food Photography at The Creative Mama…and a vacation

Food Photography 101:  The Creative Mama

If you haven’t managed to yet, head on over to The Creative Mama and read the first in a series of posts called Food Photography 101 that I am contributing to.  Lesson 1:  Lighting. I’m not really sure how qualified I am to be writing about this stuff, but I’m really qualified at winging it!  The talented Alison Bickel will also be contributing to the series.  If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, I highly recommend that you do – her photos are beautiful, and so natural looking.  Go check her out:  you’ll know what I mean.

In other news, I am taking a vacation.  It’s been nearly a year and a half since I’ve gone more than a few days without posting on this site, and it’s time to recharge my energy and inspiration.  In Mexico.  For two weeks.

See ya!

(and in the meantime, I want to know what you want to see here!!  Fuel my creativity with your ideas!  Comment below with your thoughts on recipes and features you’d love to see me tackle and tell stories about)

2 comments on “Food Photography at The Creative Mama…and a vacation

  1. Hi Jess,
    What about some old school tricks that the younger generation may have forgotten. The only example I can think of is putting 5 or 6 rose hips in a batch of jelly so that you can get it to set with 1/2 or less of the sugar that pectin would need. I bet you have neat inter generational stories too!

    • That’s a great idea…and I never knew that! This is going to require some research!! Thanks Heather!

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