Asparagus with Maple Gastrique, Bacon and 6 Minute Egg

Asparagus, Bacon and 6 Minute Egg with Maple Gastrique |

Sometimes the simplest meals, thrown together with a pinch of creativity and a generous helping of fresh and healthy, are noteworthy enough to take a picture of and share.

This was a spontaneous weekend lunch – a day that my daughter and I were sharing together.  I cooked a few slices of bacon, drained most of the fat out of the pan and threw in an entire bunch of asparagus.  Meanwhile, I boiled two eggs for six minutes.  As the asparagus began to soften and curl gently along the sides of my sauté pan, I splashed in a healthy glug of maple syrup, ginger and apple cider vinegar gastrique from Pure Infused Maple Syrup.  If you can’t get your hands on some of this nectar, then I would suggest just tossing in some maple syrup and apple cider vinegar in lieu.  

I seasoned everything with coarse sea salt and a few cracks of black pepper, and piled it on a plate, careful to drizzle the somewhat-reduced maple sauce over the bacon – you know, like how you secretly swipe your bacon/sausage/bologna through the drips of syrup from your pancakes, because that sweet and salty combination just can’t be beat.  It was like that.  Creamy eggs, toothsome asparagus, sweet maple reduction, crunchy salty bacon.

I made it again the following week, over a heap of farro for a slightly more filling dinnertime meal.  

Asparagus with Maple Gastrique, Bacon and 6 Minute Egg |


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