Cherry Mocha Overnight Oats

Cherry Mocha Overnight Oats |

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of being featured in one of the best, most enjoyable-to-read  online food magazines I know of – Eat In Eat Out Magazine.  They shared my watermelon, feta and mint salad, and this week they’ve featured these cherry mocha overnight oats.

I think I ate these for breakfast for two solid weeks while testing this recipe.  They’re the healthy(ish), oat-based version of your favourite fancy coffee drink, and actually contain ground espresso, which, as it sits overnight, develops a rich flavour that permeates every spoonful.  Each cherry is a sweet/sour pop on the tongue, followed by a toothy bite of dark chocolate.  These oats feel totally indulgent, and yet they’re full of Good Stuff, and will keep you feeling satiated till lunch time.  

Head on over to Eat In Eat Out to get the recipe, and subscribe while you’re at it!


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  1. Hey that’s cool. My gosh, I think you do a little bit of everything don’t you? That magazine is cool, terrific food photos! Can I share my favorite blog with you, I think you may enjoy her too. At least I’m pretty certain you’ll check her out. When I need to relax, I go there and wish I were Heather.

    • Oooh, I like this blog too! And you know what’s crazy? I knew exactly the song that the title comes from as soon as I saw it written…that is so neat! It’s one of my favourite lines from one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite artists (whose amazing guitar skills I have yet to even come close to!)

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