BBQ Broccoli

BBQ Broccoli |

We’re just getting back from ten days of vacation, so forgive me for wrapping up some vegetables in tin foil and calling it blog-worthy.  I’m just not in the headspace for browning butter or grating cheese…or boiling water.  It will be a tough week this week, I think, as we plunge back into routines and say goodbye to my hubby as he sails away on an eight month deployment.  But we’ll get through it, and I’ll consider anything more elaborate (and green) than scrambled eggs or take-out pizza a victory right now.

BBQ Broccoli |

I’ve been pretty sick of broccoli lately, and yet it has this strange allure, and always ends up in my fridge somehow.  As I passed by an upturned oak barrel piled high with green florets at my local farmer’s market a couple weeks ago, though, I suddenly had a brainwave likely inspired by the excessive amount of tin foil-based culinary endeavours I’d been undertaking while camping this summer.  

BBQ Broccoli |

All I did here was tuck some pats of butter into the stalks of broccoli and sprinkle the heads with salt and pepper, wrap them snugly in tin foil and place them on a hot BBQ.  They steam up pretty quickly, so check them after about 10 minutes or so:  they should be fork tender, and starting to develop some bittersweet char on the florets.

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  1. thank you for taking the time to feed us, too—

    such a delight
    and delicious!
    Carry on,
    from Oregon “,”

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