The Creative Mama Post – Dad’s Easy Icebox Cookies

Dad's Icebox Cookies |


Though I should have posted this a while ago, please do check out the post I did a few weeks ago for The Creative Mama.  It was my way of beginning to crawl out of the funk I was in, a safe place to say hi in the world of the internet after ignoring it for so long.  The cookies are an old family favourite, which came to mind a month or two ago in what could likely be described as a pregnancy craving.

Let me tell you, in case you couldn’t already fathom it, that having a roll of dough in the freezer that one could just slice a disc or two off of, to bake into golden brown sticky soft warm comfort, is exactly what every pregnant lady needs.  Scratch that – it’s what everyone needs, from time to time.  They’re a holiday favourite, originally, but they never hurt to have around.