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In Grade 9, I, with my blue hair, rented bass guitar and industrious quest to be both cool AND different, decided that I wanted to open a cafe when I grew up.  There would be poetry slams on Thursday nights, live music, and other like-minded individuals drinking cappuccinos out of Friends-era gigantic mugs.

A good handful of years later, I work in the field of public health and moonlight here and there as a doula (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doula), Certified Lactation Educator, and freelance writer.  I am also the Creator and Community Catalyst behind Nalumana Women’s Wellness, an online and location-independent women’s wellness centre aimed at nurturing and supporting empowering experiences for women.

I still think about that cafe every so often, though.  Enter Purple House Cafe.  In the years since my blue hair era, I have developed a reverence for great food and the power it has to connect and nurture people.  At Purple House Cafe, you will find recipes, photos and stories about the food in my life.



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