My latest recipes…

It’s been a really long time since I’ve updated you here, but I thought I would share some of the latest recipes I’ve developed for Pete’s Fine Foods.

There was this amazing panna cotta with warm salted caramel sauce:

Salted Caramel |

And these pad thai tacos:

Pad Thai Tacos |

Quick pickled strawberries!  Perfect for shaking up your next charcuterie board!

Quick Pickled Strawberries |

An amazing BBQ chicken, apple and cashew pizza:

BBQ Chicken Pizza |

A really neat beet and seaweed salad…also with cashews:

Beet and Seaweed Salad |

Classic bibimbap graces our table on the regular…here’s my recipe:

Bibimbap |

And finally, Hawaiian Cold Brew.  Seriously, this is going to change your summer coffee game:

Hawaiian Cold Brew |

Kale Salad with Honey Pepper Bacon, Pistachios and Parmesan

Kale Salad |

This recipe is the perfect balance of healthy-not healthy, which, in my mind, truly makes the perfect salad. Kale just goes so well with bacon!

I suppose this is hardly a recipe at all: tear up some kale leaves and massage them in a large bowl with about a tablespoon of olive oil. This softens the leaves and makes them easier to eat, not to mention beautifully, luxuriantly green. Meanwhile, cut 2-3 strips of bacon into chunks and fry. Once the bacon has reached your preferred level of crispy, remove from the heat, drain off as much fat as you can, and drizzle liberally (very liberally!) with honey, and then freshly ground pepper (also liberally!). Allow the heat remaining in the pan to caramelize the honey and bacon, stirring every few minutes to ensure an even coating of honey on the bacon.

Add about a quarter cup of very finely chopped pistachios to your kale, and along with that, shave plenty of fresh Parmesan cheese into your salad as well. Once it’s mostly cooled, add the bacon.

Kale Salad |

This salad needs the tartness of lemon to balance out the salty/sweet bacon and earthy nuts and cheese. I achieved this by mixing, half and half, some lemon white balsamic vinegar I had with some good quality olive oil. If you’re lacking in the lemon white balsamic vinegar department, whisk up equal parts olive oil and lemon juice, along with a half part of honey to thicken and sweeten.

Toss the salad components and dressing together and serve. Enjoy!

This is a cross-posting from my new site, Nalumana Women’s Wellness.  

BBQ Broccoli

BBQ Broccoli |

We’re just getting back from ten days of vacation, so forgive me for wrapping up some vegetables in tin foil and calling it blog-worthy.  I’m just not in the headspace for browning butter or grating cheese…or boiling water.  It will be a tough week this week, I think, as we plunge back into routines and say goodbye to my hubby as he sails away on an eight month deployment.  But we’ll get through it, and I’ll consider anything more elaborate (and green) than scrambled eggs or take-out pizza a victory right now.

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Mango Salad

Mango Salad |

My job is to match pregnant mamas with doulas that they will love, who will carry the honour of being with the woman and her family during birth with care and attention and love.  Every so often, I get to match myself with a family, reminding me of why I cherish this work and how much I have to learn from the power of birthing women.

This spring I had the good fortune of working with a chef and her lovely family.  We communicated through words and food, with me bringing her a fortifying traditional Ethiopian postpartum dish just after she birthed, and she making me and my family an exquisite Thai meal a few weeks later.

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